Timeline & FAQs

  1. Artist creates a profile and online EPK (electronic press kit) at www.imtour.org.
  2. Artist upgrades their IMTour account to Premium and applies for adjudication to the IMTour roster. Roster applications are reviewed within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Presenter and artist work out an agreement.
    1. Presenter places an open call in the IMTour system or browses and selects artist. OR
    2. Roster artist reaches out to the presenter.
  4. Once the contract or letter of agreement or letter of invitation is complete, the presenter applies for the IMTour grant at imtour.gosmart.org.
  5. Each month, the IMTour team reviews and approves or denies IMTour grant applications. IMTour then follows up with the award letter and contract with WESTAF via email by the end of the month, if approved. If denied, IMTour sends denial letter via email.
  6. The IMTour project takes place.
  7. Presenter logs in to imtour.gosmart.org and completes their final report within 60 days of the event date.
  8. IMTour reviews and approves all received final reports by the 10th of each month (approvals can take 45-60 days from receipt date).
  9. After the final report is approved, WESTAF pays the presenter the awarded amount once WESTAF has received the funds from the NEA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “equivalent” of a 501(c)(3)?

Only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, units of state or local government, institutions of higher education, or federally-recognized Indian tribal governments are eligible to receive funds sub granted through an Arts Endowment award.

Can a non-501(c)(3) organization apply through a fiscal sponsor?

Does a festival qualify for IMTour funds?
Only if they are an incorporated nonprofit per the definition above.
Refer to the Program Requirements on the Guidelines tab for additional information on festival.


I am the grant writer for more than one organization, do I have to register more than once?
Yes. Profiles are based upon each unique organization and its EIN number, NOT the primary contact or grant writer an organization shares. Each organization should have its own profile.

I applied for the TourWest grant at tourwest.gosmart.org. Do I need to create a new profile at imtour.gosmart.org?
Yes. You must create a separate profile for your IMTour grant application. You must have a different username for each GOSmart site that you utilize.

Can I use the same password for multiple user accounts?
Yes. Usernames have to be unique but password can be the same.

Can I save my work and come back to it later?
Yes. At the bottom of each application page is a Save button. If you click on the Save button as you work on the application, your data will be saved.

Can I print a copy of my application?
Yes, under Current Programs and Applications, you will see your application listed by ID number. There you will find a View PDF link. if you click on that link, you can download a PDF file of your application for printing. The application also offers a “Print to PDF” option.

What is the application period?
IMTour’s project and funding period corresponds to WESTAF’s fiscal year (October 1st to September 30th, annually), but IMTour staff adjudicate applications every month. Applications are reviewed after the 15th of every month and typically decisions are sent by the beginning of the following month.

Do you have technical support available?
Only during office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

Do you provide one-on-one assistance?
Only by appointment. Please schedule time by emailing imtour@westaf.org or call 303-629-1166.

Will you review my grant application?
You can request a draft review prior to submitting, time permitting.

How is the application adjudicated?
Currently, IMTour does not have a panel process, and remains somewhat noncompetitive. At the moment, IMTour projects are assessed by IMTour administration for eligibility and available funding.


Can IMTour artists perform as guest artists?
Guest artists are not eligible to receive funding. The grant funds cannot be used for a performance of a roster artist with local artists/community members.

Should I list all of the cities/towns that are being served by the project/organization?

There are two public performances/outreach efforts at two different locations. Should I list both?
Yes, but be clear which one is considered for the public performance and which one is the outreach. The public performance has to be open to the public, not just the outreach audience.


Do you include IMTour awards in Project Cash Income?
Please do not include your award. Your budget can show a deficit or surplus.

Do I include in-kind contributions in Total Project Expenses?
No, please keep in-kind as a separate line item. There is a separate field for this on GOSmart.

Is the current budget a projection of our current year's budget?
Operational Budget is last year actual, current year actual, and proposed year. Project budget is the budget for the performance WESTAF is funding so it will be proposed, not actual. You will confirm actual numbers in the final report.

Should Operating Budget include in-kind contributions?

If my organization is a subsidiary of a larger organization (i.e., a University department), should I use my subsidiary’s operational budget or the larger organization’s budget?
Please use your department/subsidiary budget for the operational budget. However, project budgets should be based on the full project cost.

Should Project Budget show the “lack” of a IMTour grant (indicating that there is a financial need for this grant)?
This is not required. We know that there is a need for these funds. You can have a balanced budget without the IMTour funds and still be eligible for funding.

Outreach Qualifications

Core characteristics of an acceptable Educational Outreach activity are:
  • The audience is substantially different from the audience in attendance at the public performance supported with IMTour funds.
  • The activity has an educational dimension and is not simply a stand-alone performance.
  • Educational outreach activities must be directed to individuals outside of the applicant institution.
  • It is not necessary for educational outreach to be directed toward youth/youth serving organizations, nor must it be incorporated into school programs.
Acceptable educational outreach activities are:
  • Lecture-demonstrations
  • Master classes
  • In-school educational activities that involve students with an artist
Activities that do not qualify as outreach are:
  • A lecture or demonstration that directly precedes or follows a public performance
  • A performance for students that does not include an educational component about the art form
  • A guest artist residency at an institution of higher education
  • Activities at an institution of higher education for which the majority of the audience are the students and/or faculty of that institution
  • Tickets to the public performance offered on a complimentary basis
  • Radio broadcasts or audio/video podcasts
  • Outreach at an institution that targets the institution members. I.e., a music camp that targets its outreach to campers or a university that directs its outreach efforts to faculty and students only. Outreach efforts need to target a new audience
Grant Agreement/Reporting and Payment

When is my contract with IMTour/WESTAF due?
Within 30 day of the receipt, a signed copy of the grant agreement signature page must be emailed or mailed back to WESTAF Attn: IMTour.

When is the final artist contract due?
If you sent an LOA or memo of understanding--not a copy of a final executed contract, you will need to send a copy to WESTAF three weeks prior to your performance by email or post. It is preferred that you turn in a finalized artist contract with the grant application.

When is my final report due?
Final reports are due online within 60 days of completion of the project.

What is required for the approval of the IMTour final report?
IMTour requires that the grantee turns in their signed grant agreement with WESTAF, and a finalized artist contract prior to the event. IMTour requires that IMTour, the NEA, and the grantee’s State Arts Agency be credited as funders in all marketing materials, including any online or social media postings. Finally, the grantee will complete and submit the final budget, narrative, and upload promotional materials that show proof of crediting. Final reports must be filed online to be deemed complete.

Who do I need to acknowledge as fiscal sponsors?
Grantees are required to acknowledge: IMTour, the National Endowment for the Arts, WESTAF and your state arts agency. Please be sure to obtain the proper logo for each of these organizations. You can find the logos here.

How do I acknowledge IMTour in my social media postings?
In any post about the funded project, please tag IMTour and the artist’s page, if and when possible. Tag IMTour’s Facebook page here, and its Twitter feed here. You can also utilize IMTour’s partner packet found here.

Can I find marketing materials for the IMTour roster artist I booked?
The IMTour site offers each artists’ Electronic Press Kit (EPK). As a presenter, you may use files and links from the EPK as part of your marketing materials.

Where do I locate the final report?
On the imtour.gosmart.org system. You will log back in with your application log in. If you are funded, you will see a link to the final report.

When will I receive my award?
Please refer to the timeline in Guidelines tab. The presenter is paid on a reimbursement basis once final reports have been submitted, approved, and funds have been received by WESTAF.