Program Overview

IMTour is a web-based system that allows nonprofit presenters to connect with, book, and access funds to present independent musicians. Times are changing—and so are audiences! Independent musicians can connect with audiences in new ways, and a growing number of presenters are taking a chance with emerging indie talent. By linking independent musicians with nonprofit venues, IMTour helps presenters expand the audiences they serve by facilitating the online booking of tour-ready independent artists and providing funds to support those performances.

To encourage booking, IMTour offers grants to presenters to offset expenses for our professionally vetted roster of artists. IMTour is primarily funded by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), as well as through states arts agency partnerships in the 13-state WESTAF region. IMTour offers applicants the ability to apply for up to two standard presentation grants per organization per WESTAF fiscal year. Awards support up to a maximum of $2,500 or 50% of the artistic fee (whichever is less) per grant.  

IMTour Eligibility:
  • Applicants must be one of the following: a) a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; b) a unit of state or local government; c) a nonprofit institution of higher education; or d) a federally recognized Indian tribal government.
  • Applicants must be incorporated in and currently conducting business in one or more of the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawai’i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming.
  • Applicants must have presented one performance by a paid professional company within the last three years.
  • Applications are only for the presentation of IMTour roster artists/bands chosen from the IMTour website.
  • Applicants can apply for and be awarded two IMTour grants per fiscal year, but they must be for two separate projects (i.e. two seperate roster artists/bands).
  • Applicants may be awarded two IMTour grants in addition to two TourWest grants per funding cycle. All grant applications must be for separate projects.
  • Organizations applying for IMTour funds are required to have a DUNS Number. This number is a unique nine-digit identification number of the entity applying for funds. DUNS numbers are available free of charge for all businesses required to register with the federal government for grants.  
    • Information about how to acquire a DUNS number can be obtained online at
    • If awarded, grantee organizations and the principals associated with them cannot be debarred from contracting with the federal government.
  • WESTAF, the manager of the IMTour program, reserves the right to make final decisions regarding eligibility. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to IMTour staff at or 303.629.1166.

Program Requirements:
  • Prior to filling out this grant application, presenters must first complete and publish a venue profile at
  • Before applying for a grant through, applicants must first browse, select, and contract with a roster artist from the IMTour site.
  • There is no deadline for IMTour grants. However, grant applications must be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the performance event dates. Applications are reviewed and processed for funding within 8 weeks of receipt. The earlier a presenter can submit the application, the better the chances for funding approval.
  • Projects must take place within 18 months of the application submission date.
  • Presenters may receive up to two separate IMTour grants within IMTour’s project period, which is September 1 to August 31, annually.
  • While a final contract with the artist does not have to be in place, an application must include a written agreement or letter of intent between presenter and artist that includes agreed-upon artistic fees and dates. If awarded, final contract must be submitted within three weeks of the final event dates.
  • All grants are subject to funding availability and budget, particularly for National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)  funded IMTour grants, which are subject to the funding available to the NEA and the budget priorities that agency establishes.
    • In the event that any or all of the underwriting from the NEA is not forthcoming to WESTAF, WESTAF shall not be held liable and WESTAF may amend or terminate the grant award.
    • If awarded, the grantee signature of the grant agreement requires that the grantee acknowledges and accepts the risk that the NEA may not fund or budget to fund the WESTAF IMTour grant, and that, even if the NEA commits to fund the IMTour grant, it may later be unable to. Funding of the IMTour grant by the NEA is beyond the control of WESTAF, and such funding is the only source for funding the grant under this agreement. The risk of the IMTour grant being funded by the NEA is the sole risk of the grantee.
  • Projects must include at least one outreach activity with an educational component that includes IMTour artists. For questions about outreach requirements and specifics, please refer to the FAQs page, email, or call 303.629.1166.
  • IMTour can be used to support performances in festivals. The festival organization itself, not individual presenters participating in the festival, may apply for up to two grants to support artists performing in the festival. Funds cannot be used to offset the costs of the festival itself but can be used to support up to two seperate  artist performances within the festival.
  • For IMTour, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Regional Touring grant requires a one-to-one cash match. (if you have questions about a cash match please contact the WESTAF staff) Thus, applicants can only submit a grant request to support the artistic fees up to a maximum of $2,500 or 50% of the artistic fee, whichever is less.
  • Match: The remaining artistic fee amount is to be paid by the presenter/grantee and is considered the cash match for the grant. Please note that you cannot match NEA grants with other NEA funds or federal funding.
  • WESTAF reserves the right to limit or cap the amount of IMTour grants received by any state in the region should the distribution of funds not follow established demographic patterns or advantage any state in an unfair manner.
  • Specific requirements for NEA funded grants. (Currently, the majority of IMTour funding is sourced from this pool of funds):
    • Artists must be from outside of presenter’s state
    • Applicants must be incorporated in and currently conducting business in one of the 13 states in the WESTAF region
    • Projects must include at least one public performance–-a performance that is marketed to and open to the general public
    • Projects must include at least one outreach activity with an educational component with the contracted IMTour artist(s).
  • Applicants must abide by the NEA project requirements. For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions.
  • Per the NEA’s general terms and conditions for grantees the grantee must ensure that they abide by the rules for accessibility. For more information, please see the Terms & Conditions

Factors that Make a Project Ineligible
  • Applications submitted less than 12 weeks prior to the performance will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications cannot be submitted for projects that are more than 18 months in the future.
  • Applications for organizations outside of WESTAF’s 13-state region may not be considered for funding at this time.  
  • Applications whose project budget is proposed to be matched with federal funds will be considered ineligible.
  • Applications from organizations that that are not a nonprofit or the equivalent.
  • Applicants whose organizations or key leaders and associates  have been given an exclusion from the federal government (i.e. debarment or have principal decision makers on staff or on board who have been debarred or on the exclusion list). Please check for your standing.
  • Artists not on the roster are ineligible. This includes performing artists outside of the system or any IMTour artist user that has not been adjudicated to the roster, as indicated by the “roster” label on their IMTour EPK/profile. Applications are for IMTour roster artists only.
  • Guest artists are not eligible. The IMTour grant program provides fee support only for IMTour roster artists’ full performance. A guest artist is an artist such as a guest band or artist that works with local artists/performers or community members for the performance.
  • Any project that incorporates IMTour roster artists as part of a fundraising event are ineligible.
  • Organizations that receive funding or sponsor from cannabis and/or cannabis-related product retailers or other federally illicit substances will be considered ineligible.
  • Any activities that violate federal laws or the terms and conditions set forth by the NEA general terms and conditions.